Health in Gaza receives shipment of medicines from the Turkish Red Crescent

Gaza _ Palestine News Network

The Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday received a shipment of medicines from the Turkish Red Crescent, weighing about 8.5 tonnes worth more than 270,000 US dollars.

"Selcuk Ozturk ", the official of the International Programs unit of the Turkish Red Crescent, was transferred at a press conference held by the Ministry,  "Greetings from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the president of the Red Crescent and the Turkish people, to the Palestinian people."

The Turkish Red Crescent, which had been standing with the Palestinians for nine years, had opened a permanent office in Gaza, through which assistance was provided in various fields.

Ashraf Abu Mahadi, director of international cooperation at the Ministry of Health, said at the conference:  "The shipment of medicines provided by the Turkish Red Crescent in the amount of $270 thousand dollars, fill the box in the great need of the Ministry of Health."

The price of Abu Mahadi is Turkey's efforts, which "stand by the Palestinian people and meet their humanitarian needs, especially in the health sector."

"This scholarship is not the first of the Turkish Red Crescent, there is a previous grant, and this scholarship is an addition to their ongoing projects," he said.

In May May the Turkish Red Crescent provided medical aid and medicines worth $100,000 to his Palestinian counterpart following a distress call from Gaza.

The Ministry of Health in Gaza needs $4 million a month to cover its needs for medicines and medical consumables, with 150,000 dollars a day, according to Abu Mahadi.


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