The death of a child in Abu Dis, injuries and confrontations in other areas

 The 16-year-old child, Yamen Nafez Jafal, was martyred this evening, Sunday, as the occupation forces opened fire at him during clashes that erupted in the town of Abu Dis, east of occupied Jerusalem.

According to local sources, the occupation forces opened fire at the child Jafal, and another child who was accompanying him, during clashes that erupted in the town, in which the occupation forces used live and rubber bullets and tear gas canisters.

Dozens of people suffocated as a result of the occupation forces throwing tear gas canisters at young men and citizens' homes in Abu Dis.

At the beginning of the event, the occupation forces prevented an ambulance from arriving in an attempt to rescue one of the injured at the scene.

Clashes erupted in the town of Al-Tur in occupied Jerusalem, after a force of undercover forces stormed the town.

In the village of Bazariya, northwest of Nablus, a young man was injured after being hit by a military jeep during confrontations with a grenade that sounded in his face and broke his foot after being hit by an Israeli military jeep.

And local sources reported that the young man was hit by a stun grenade in his face and a broken leg after being hit by a military jeep, during confrontations with the occupation and settlers, after they gathered near the village.

In the town of Singel, north of Ramallah, the occupation forces closed several entrances to the town with cement cubes and earth mounds.

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