The world-famous restaurant guide “Michelin” suspends its activities in Russia

The world-famous French restaurant guide "Michelin" announced Friday the suspension of its activities in Russia due to the war in Ukraine, a year after expanding its interests to its cuisine influenced by the republics of the former Soviet Union.
Michelin's decision is symbolic, as last October the guide's awarding of stars to nine restaurants in Moscow for the first time was the world's culmination of Russian cuisine, which was not considered upscale.
"The Michelin guide teams were forced to take a decision to suspend all activity recommending restaurants in Russia, given the severity of the current crisis," the organization that issues the Red Guide said in a statement.
The statement added, "We have chosen not to promote the Moscow destination," and therefore this year the list of selected Moscow restaurants will not be updated and its publication on Michelin networks and its application will be suspended.
Upon entering the Russian market a year ago, Michelin included borscht in traditional Russian dishes, angering Ukrainians, who consider this soup made of beet and cabbage part of their national heritage and seek to inscribe it on the UNESCO Intangible World Heritage List.
The international director of "Michelin Guides" Gwendal Polonik told AFP that the kitchens of the former Soviet republics have an important presence in the Russian cuisine, which is "a crossroads between West and East", and is imbued with the flavors of the Caucasus, Central Asia and Ukraine.
Of the nine restaurants that received "Michelin" stars in October, two each received two stars, while each of the other seven received one star.
Russia thus became the thirty-fifth country to enter the "Michelin" index.

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