Chinese space station will host six astronauts by the end of 2022

The Chinese space station is expected to host six astronauts from two spacecraft by the end of 2022, according to the chief designer of China's manned space program.
Zhou Jianping said that the crew members of the (Shenzhou-13) have been in orbit for 140 days, and they are in good health, and so far have completed all the scheduled or added tasks according to the need. They are expected to return to Earth in mid-April.
Zhou, also a member of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, the country's top political advisory body, added that China plans to launch two laboratory units to the space station, two manned spaceships and two space cargo ships, within this year. The Shenzhou-14 crew members will witness the arrival of the two lab units while they remain in orbit.
Zhou said that the Shenzhou-15 team will fly to the space station before the end of this year and will join the Shenzhou-14 team in space. At this time, the space station will have three modules, two manned spacecraft and one cargo spacecraft, with a total mass of about 100 tons.
Zhou added that the space station will carry a large number of high-level space experiment equipment, covering fields including life sciences, biological sciences, materials sciences, combustion sciences, microgravity fluctuation sciences, and basic physics.

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