Kyiv calls for international mediation for negotiations with Moscow to end the war

Ukraine has expressed its desire for international mediation in its negotiations with Russia to end the war.

"We do not trust the Russian Federation at all, so we want responsible international mediation," according to the independent Ukrainian news agency, "Union."

He said that the Ukrainian side will follow all legal formulas and record all Russian violations, stressing that a third round of negotiations with Russia is planned during the next weekend, and most likely it will take place in Belarus again, as Moscow has excluded other countries.

He stated that in the future, countries such as Turkey, Hungary or Poland could host such negotiations.

He renewed his criticism of Minsk's role in the war, saying Belarus was being used as a springboard for attacks on Ukrainian cities.

Podolyak explained that while the recent negotiations were surprisingly constructive, Ukraine would not meet any harsh Russian demands, saying that the president "will not make any unilateral concessions or degrade our struggle in Ukraine today for its territorial integrity and freedom."

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