Claims to support the Palestinian cause in the midst of international sympathy with Ukraine

Palestinians demanded today, Friday, the international community to support their cause in the midst of international sympathy with Ukraine, which has been under a Russian invasion for days.

Hussain Al-Sheikh, a member of the Executive Committee of the Liberation Organization, stated that “when color, religion and race become an identity, values, morals and humanity are lost, and when international legitimacy is abused by two standards, justice is lost, truth is crushed and power is tyrannical.”

Al-Sheikh added in a press statement: “Dozens of resolutions from international legitimacy have been lost and crushed before the tyranny of force and the lack of implementation of it, and the people of Palestine are still victims of the occupation and the absence of justice.”

Meanwhile, the "Fatah" movement led by President Mahmoud Abbas called on the countries of the world, the United Nations and the UN Security Council to "condemn the crimes of the Israeli occupation against the Palestinian people and not to meet double standards."

A spokesman for Fatah, a member of its Revolutionary Council, Osama al-Qawasmi, said in a statement: “We remind the world that there is a Palestinian people who are occupied and oppressed by Israel.

Al-Qawasmi added that Israel “imposes on the Palestinian people a system of apartheid and apartheid in a manner that is contrary to the most basic human rights, and we do not hear condemnation or rejection from the world and its institutions in the face of these crimes.”

Qawasmi asked: “Is Palestinian blood for some people second-class blood? Is humanity classified according to race and color? He called on the world to raise a real cry in the face of the Israeli occupier for the inevitability of ending its occupation of the State of Palestine, a member of the United Nations.

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