Atomic Energy Agency: Russian forces are located near the largest nuclear plant in Ukraine

The International Atomic Energy Agency said Monday that the Russian armed forces are located in the vicinity of the largest nuclear plant in Ukraine, expressing "grave concern" about this on the fifth day of the war.

Until now, the six reactors of the Zaporizhia facility (east) are still "safe", according to information received by the United Nations Organization for the Supervision of Nuclear Sites, which the Ukrainian authorities regularly report on field developments.

The International Atomic Energy Agency stated that Russian forces were "active near the station", but they had not yet controlled it.

And IAEA Director Rafael Grossi again warned against "any action that would threaten the security" of the country's nuclear sites.

A meeting of the agency's board of governors is scheduled for Wednesday in Vienna, where the agency is based, to discuss the "real risks" posed by the dispute.

In Ukraine, there are four active nuclear plants that provide about half of the country's needs in terms of electric current, and several repositories of radioactive waste, including the Chernobyl plant, which witnessed the worst nuclear disaster in history in 1986.

Grossi stressed that "any accident could have serious consequences for public health and the environment," and stressed the "importance" that the teams present in these sites continue their usual work and "be able to take a break."

At the site of the Chernobyl plant, which is in the hands of the Russians, the head of the duty team has not been replaced since February 24, according to the agency.

On Sunday, the agency had indicated that there were two accidents in waste depots, after one of them was hit by a missile attack on Kyiv.

The agency indicated that "there were no reports of damage to the building or radiation emissions."

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