Rashida Taeb begins her activity in the U.S. Congress on a tour of the West Bank

RAMALLAH _ Palestine News Network

Rashida Tabeb, the first Palestinian to be a member of the U.S. Congress, said she plans a tour with us members of Congress to the West Bank to learn about the Palestinian situation.

In a press interview with the Intercept, she said she is seeking a change in Congress as she begins her mission in January/January, and will work on forming a delegation to visit the West Bank to familiarize him with the living conditions of the population.

She said she was trying to capitalize on her origins and roots in the Middle East in order to expose her colleagues to another corner of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by bringing the delegation to Palestinian villages and towns to learn about the needs of the Palestinian children's nurseries and education projects and their struggle to access clean water, and the situation The difficult economic they live in.

Taeb hopes to bring the delegation to Beit Aouar al-Fawqa village near Ramallah, where her grandmother lives, to see the village conditions. She said she was not planning any meetings with Palestinian or Israeli officials and that she had not yet identified the members of Congress with whom the West Bank would be deployed.

"I want to see the separation in the West Bank and how it prevents us from achieving real peace in the region," she said. She said she did not want to enter into conflict with the American-Jewish delegation, which sees the situation unilaterally and makes luxury tours of high luxury in Israel without seeing the other side of the suffering of the Palestinians.

She stated that she supported the personalities of the international boycott movement as a step in transforming public opinion and drawing his attention to the Israeli racism of the Palestinians.



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