The Arab Lawyers Union condemns the crimes of the occupation against Palestinian children

The Secretary-General of the Arab Lawyers Union, Captain Al-Makawi Benaissa, condemned the Israeli occupation’s killing of the Palestinian child Muhammad Shehadeh (14 years old) in the town of Al-Khader, south of Bethlehem.

Benaissa said in a statement today, Thursday, that the Israeli occupation added to its despicable crimes against Palestinian children a crime that an occupier throughout history had not done before by shooting the child Muhammad Shehadeh and not allowing him to be rescued and arrested until he breathed his last pure.

The Secretary-General called on the International Criminal Court, the United Nations, the international community and all international human rights organizations interested in child welfare to condemn this heinous criminal act, and to hold the Israeli occupation accountable for the ongoing war crimes it is committing against Palestinian children.

He stressed that the Arab Lawyers Union will cooperate with all Palestinian, Arab and international bodies to collect criminal evidence of war crimes committed by the Israeli occupation against Palestinian children, and take all legal measures to hold those responsible for these heinous crimes accountable.

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