Land razing and uprooting of 200 olive trees in Khirbet al-Watan in the Negev

Today, Thursday, Israeli vehicles swept vast lands and uprooted 200 olive trees belonging to the Al-Khurram family, in Khirbet Al-Watan, which has been stripped of recognition in the Negev, inside the lands of 1948.

Eyewitnesses said: The Israeli forces stormed the village, surrounded it, prevented the people from approaching, uprooted olive trees and razed vast areas belonging to the Al-Khurram family.

The Supreme Steering Committee of the Arabs of the Negev denounced the Israeli practices that continue to target the Negev region, and condemned the crimes of demolition, razing and destroying agricultural crops, which have escalated in the recent period, with the aim of uprooting the people of the Negev and deporting them from their lands.

The committee said in a statement it issued, that the response to the Israeli authorities will be through strengthening the steadfastness of the people, planting more olive trees, and clinging to the land that the Israeli authorities are trying to control.

It also called for an emergency meeting next Monday in the village of Khirbet Al-Watan, to discuss ways to confront the Israeli plans targeting the people of the Negev in general, and the residents of unrecognized villages in particular.

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