Gaza: 139 births per day during November

Gaza _ Palestine News Network

The Gaza Strip witnessed the birth of 4173 children in November, at a rate of 139 per day, according to statistics released by the General Directorate of Civil Status of the Interior Ministry on Tuesday.

Statistics show that 52% of births are male, with 2158 births, compared to 48% females by 2015.

It noted that the Gaza Governorate recorded 1556 births, while the Khan Yunis office registered 861 births, 687 in the north, 566 in the middle and 503 in Rafah.

Mortality statistics were 359 cases in the Gaza Strip, 59% of which were males, with 212 deaths, compared with 41% females with 147 deaths.

He died in Gaza City 141, 64 in Khan Yunis, 54 in Central, 58 in the north and 42 in Rafah.


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