Gaza: Solidarity stand with the prisoners in the occupation prisons

The Prisoners’ Committee of the National and Islamic Forces in the Gaza Strip organized, today, Monday, a solidarity stand with the prisoners in the occupation prisons, while continuing their struggle program to achieve their demands.

The participants in the vigil raised many pictures of the prisoners next to the Palestinian flag, and banners confirming the standing of the masses, forces and various popular bodies behind the prisoners' cause and their struggles to extract their rights and freedom.

Zaki Dababesh, the coordinator of the Prisoners’ Committee, called during a speech at the sit-in, the Red Cross, to play a greater role in alleviating the suffering of the prisoners and intervening to save the sick from them, saying: “History will not be merciful to those who fail to support the prisoners.”

Dababish stressed that the occupation practices deliberate medical neglect against the prisoners, abuses them and violates their most basic rights, in an attempt to break their steadfastness.

He called for the need to work hard to provide protection and care for sick prisoners and to internationalize their cause in all international forums, stressing that the Palestinian people, with all their strength and resistance, will remain their protective shield.

For his part, Ashraf al-Qidra, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health in Gaza, said that the occupation practices racism against sick prisoners, and continues with a policy of slow killing and deprives them of their most basic medical and life rights in a arrogant policy that it constantly practices.

Al-Qidra added, “What is received from the occupation prisons from a black picture of the reality of the prisoners, especially the sick, proves that the prison authority authorities have taken a clear decision to leave the prisoners to face death.”

Al-Qidra pointed out that the 30 female prisoners in the occupation’s prisons live in inhuman conditions, and the occupation harasss them through repeated attacks against them.

The health spokesman in Gaza considered that what is being committed against sick prisoners inside the so-called Ramleh prison clinic of deliberate medical negligence is a war crime and a clear violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention, pointing to the martyrdom of some of them, the last of whom is the martyr Sami al-Amour, and the deterioration of the situation of others, including Nasser Abu Hamid, Lung cancer patient.

Al-Qidra pointed out that there are 200 prisoners who are over seventy years old, and they are suffering from chronic diseases.

He said: “Our people, our nation and the free people of the world are required to rise up in the face of the occupation and pressure it to free our prisoners, especially the sick among them,” calling on humanitarian and human rights institutions to play their role in pressuring the occupation to release all prisoners.

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