Israeli forces arrest 21 Palestinians from West Bank

RAMALLAH _ Palestine News Network

The Israeli occupation army on Tuesday arrested at least 21 citizens from various parts of the West Bank.

Local sources said that Israeli soldiers arrested five youths from the town of Sebastya and the village of Beit Dajan in the Nablus district: Muhammad Kiyuan, Ghazi al-Shaer, Amr Shehadeh, Subhi Kiwan of Sebastya, and captive editor Naseer Radwan Abu Thabet from Beit Dajan east.

In Tubas, the occupying forces arrested young people Yusuf, Lowell and Zakaria Musa Alyan from Fara camp.

Israeli occupation soldiers also arrested four citizens from their homes in the northeastern town of Hazm, namely: Thaer Abu Khalil, Jaber Ahmed Salah al-Din, Asim Naseef Saeed and Abdulrahman Osama al-Khatib.

In Bethlehem, the sources said that the Israeli occupation arrested Mohammed Fayez Salhab, 18, after they raided his father's house in the Karkafa area.

In the southern West Bank city of Hebron, local sources reported the arrest of nine citizens, including two children and two freed prisoners from Beit al.

Among the detainees in Hebron, Mohammed Abdulazim Nur al-Din Abu Turki, 34, Jawad Shafiq Abu Eisheh, Ibrahim Zaidan al-Rajabi, Salim al-Rugby, and the town of Beit-I, northwest of Hebron, Mahmoud Abdel-Pardons Mohammed, were known as currency.

Abdel Nasser Nasser Abu Marais, 20, Qusai Ahmed Abu Hashim, 18, and two children, Amr Arafat Issa Zaaqiq, 16, and Majdi Murshid Mohammed Awad, 14, were arrested in Beit al-Bayt.


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