An American human rights organization calls for political and economic action to confront Israeli apartheid

The American Human Rights Readers’ Information Analysis Organization called for transforming awareness of the apartheid policies practiced by Israel against the Palestinian people into an international economic and political movement that requires its government to stop these measures and grant the Palestinian people their full rights.

A report by the organization written by Lawrence Davidson refuted the Israeli reactions to the Amnesty International report on apartheid, and referred to the latest Amnesty International report on Palestine.

He said the report "exposes a brutal regime of control and crime against humanity that covers Palestinians in both the occupied territories, Israel within the Green Line, and Palestinians living in other countries."

He considered that “all evidence points to one direction, which is that Israel constitutes an apartheid state as defined in international law,” referring to what the Executive Director of Amnesty International in the United States of America, Paul O’Brien, said, who confirmed that “the apartheid regime of the Israeli government violated international law, and gross violations of human rights committed to maintain order constitute crimes against humanity.”

“This system does not exist in a vacuum — foreign governments, including the US government, facilitate apartheid by supplying weapons to Israelis and failing to hold the Israeli authorities accountable for their systematic human rights violations,” he added.

The writer said that “the Amnesty International report does not stand alone, as it came on the heels of similar investigations by Human Rights Watch, the Israeli human rights organization (B’Tselem) and Palestinian organizations as well... In fact, the collective documentation that proves that Israel is an apartheid state. So much so that Israel and its allies no longer bother to process the evidence.” Refuting the Israeli government’s reactions, the article noted in its response to those who accuse Israel of apartheid are anti-Semitic, noting that the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs described the Amnesty International report as “pure anti-Semitism” that “legitimizes attacks against Jews,” then This accusation was repeated and expanded by the major "official" Jewish groups in the United States. This response is based on a specialized definition of anti-Semitism provided by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) in 2016. Among the historically recognized and accepted anti-Semitic behavior, IMR specifically adds that “the claim that the existence of the State of Israel is a racist endeavor” constitutes an act of anti-Semitism. It does not categorize this claim by considering the case in which evidence is presented that the State of Israel is in fact behaving like a “racist endeavor,” and here the definition becomes implausible.

If reports such as those of Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, B'Tselem, and various Palestinian agencies cannot change the behavior and practices of Israeli governments, then Israel's rejection of such reports as anti-Semitic cannot render the reality of its apartheid society invisible. visible.

He noted that the real challenge is to transform the awareness of Israeli apartheid into political and economic action to support the oppressed Palestinians. He said: There are many who work for this goal, including progressive Jews and Christians allied with Palestinian Americans, who support human rights as part of the rule of law and the goals of social and political progress. In contrast, the Israeli governments from 1948 to the present, along with their allies, have been and are still opposed to such progress. They stand in the way of a better life for all of us.

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