SOS MEDITERRANEAN: An average of 228 people have been rescued in less than 24 hours

 The organization "SOS Mediterranean" announced on Sunday that its "Ocean Viking" ship carried out four relief operations in less than 24 hours, during which it rescued 228 people, including 51 minors, who were trying to reach Europe on board. small boats.
A statement by the Marseille-based NGO said that the first operation was carried out on Saturday afternoon in the Maltese search and rescue area, during which 93 people were rescued on board a wooden boat that was overloaded.
And on Saturday night, the organization rescued 88 people, including a baby, who were on another wooden boat that was also overloaded, in the Libyan search and rescue area.
On Sunday morning, the Ocean Viking ship used by the organization in cooperation with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies rescued a wooden boat that was threatened with sinking in the Maltese region, with 22 people on board.
Also on Sunday morning, the SOS Mediterranean teams in the Maltese region carried out a fourth rescue operation for 25 people who were on a fiberglass boat that faced difficulties in international waters.
The Colibri 2 aircraft of the non-governmental organization Pilot Volunteer, which helps rescue operations through aerial monitoring, had notified the ship about the boat.
And 49 out of 51 minors who were rescued were unaccompanied, according to the organization's statement.
Since its founding in 2015, this European civil organization, which carries out search and rescue operations in the high waters of the Mediterranean, has rescued 34,858 people, using its two ships “Aquarius” (until the end of 2018) and “Ocean Viking” (as of 2019).
The central sector of the Mediterranean is considered the most dangerous irregular migration line in the world, according to the International Organization for Migration. According to the estimates of this UN organization, the number of people who have died or gone missing in this sector has exceeded 17,000, including 2,047 this year.

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