Wounded by suffocation during the occupation of Beit al-Khalil, north of Hebron

Hebron _ Palestine News Network

Dozens of people were injured when Israeli occupying forces stormed the town of Beit Al, north of Hebron, on Monday.

"The Israeli occupation forces shut down the shops, searched the citizens and checked their identity cards, and the main street in Beit Adam was closed down and the movement of the citizens and their vehicles was blocked," said the media activist in Beit Adit, Mohammed Awad.

Awad said that soldiers had distributed warning leaflets to the citizens warning them that stones and Molotov cocktails continued to be thrown at settlers ' buses and vehicles at the entrance to Beit al-Bayt, while clashes erupted between those forces and youths, where confrontations centred in the area of Gruel and Al-Ain Triangle in the town, and launched Israeli occupation soldiers have gas, sound and rubber bullets, injuring a number of citizens who were treated by Red Crescent crews in Beit al-Amala, while the occupying forces withdrew to the entrance to Beit al.


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