Foreign Ministry: The US administration´s reluctance to implement its commitments and the failure of the Security Council are fueling the conflict

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates confirmed that our people refuse to accept the occupation and settlement as a living reality, and also reject the Israeli apartheid regime.

The ministry said in a press statement today, Wednesday, that it will continue its political, diplomatic and international legal action not only to expose the crimes of the occupation and the armed settler militias against our people, but also to impose international sanctions on Israel as an occupying power, and to hold accountable and prosecute Israeli war criminals, whether they are politicians, military, security or settlers. .

It condemned the ongoing crimes and violations of the occupation and its terrorist settler elements against defenseless Palestinian civilians, foremost of which is the heinous massacre committed by the Israeli death squads yesterday in the heart of the city of Nablus, which was followed by a long series of violations, crimes and provocative attacks carried out by settler militias, their organizations and terrorist associations throughout the occupied West Bank. Both with regard to their violent attacks against Palestinian citizens, which resulted in the village of Bisan, east of Bethlehem, injuring the seventy-year-old Mohammed Abdel Fattah Shalaldeh, their attacks on Palestinian vehicles passing through the streets of the occupied West Bank, and their damage and destruction of Palestinian vehicles in the town of Deir Jarir in Ramallah governorate. And their continuous attacks on civilians in the northwest of Nablus, and the brutal attacks on the town of Burqa yesterday, the town of Beta and Hawara, and other sites.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs pointed to the continuation of land seizures and demolitions of homes, facilities and water tanks, as happened in Beit Dajan, Jayyous and Nahalin, and as it happens daily in the Jordan Valley and Masafer Yatta.

And held the Israeli government and its various branches fully and directly responsible for these daily crimes, and for their repercussions and catastrophic results on the conflict arena.

The Foreign Ministry warned the international community and its specialized human rights and human rights councils against dealing with these violations and crimes as numbers in the statistics, or that they have become normal and familiar because they are repeated every day and therefore do not require a serious international pause, in a way that hides the extent of suffering and pain incurred by the Palestinian citizen as a result of these crimes. As flagrant violations of international law and direct aggression against the principles of human rights.

She saw that the US administration's reluctance to implement its commitments, the delusion surrounding its rejection of settlements, the weakness of its pressure on the occupying power, and the failure of the UN Security Council to fulfill its obligations and assume its legal and moral responsibilities towards the suffering of our people, are contributing to fueling the conflict arena.

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