The occupation continues the siege of Cyrenaica and “Al-Masoudia” for about a month

The occupation forces have continued the siege of the village of Burqa, north of Nablus, for 35 days, as all roads leading to the village are closed with earth mounds, and the occupation forces continue to besiege families in the historic Al-Masoudia area from the lands of Burqa for a month, causing the people continuous suffering. .

Anti-settlement activist Dirar Abu Omar told : “The occupation forces have continued for 35 days to besiege Cyrenaica and close all roads leading to it with high earth mounds that reach about 3 meters, except for the main western entrance to the village, where the occupation forces set up a military point on it. To monitor people's movements.

Abu Omar indicated that this siege comes within the policy of collective punishment of the people of Cyrenaica after they responded to the attacks and incursions of the occupation forces and settlers into the village, after the attacks that the area witnessed after the killing of a settler near Burqa by Palestinian resistance on the sixteenth of last month, in addition to providing protection to the settlers who They are trying to return to the evacuated “Homash” settlement, as the residents refuse to do so because of the danger that the settlement poses to the residents.

Because of the continuous siege, the residents of Burqa village and the citizens who pass through the area, and from Nablus-Jenin Street, are often forced to take alternative roads due to the closure or attacks by settlers, and several vehicles have been involved in traffic accidents and breakdowns.

On the other hand, Abu Omar touched on the suffering of 10 families living in the historic Al-Masoudia area from the lands of the village of Burqa, where the people have been suffering for a month from the closure of the roads connecting to them with earth mounds, forcing them to take dirt roads or walk.

Abu Omar pointed out that families in the Masoudiya area fear that isolating and besieging them in this way from the people of their village, Cyrenaica, may be an easy target for settlers’ attacks, and isolate them alone.

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