Painting by Italian artist Botticelli sells for $45 million at auction in New York

A painting by Italian artist Sandro Botticelli was sold for about $45 million, after a struggle at an auction in New York.
Sotheby's said Thursday that three bidders had bid for the Renaissance painting for about seven minutes. But it did not reveal the buyer who won the auction. 

The painting called “The Man of Sorrows” dates back to the late fifteenth or early sixteenth century, and it depicts Jesus with a crown of thorns on his head, and his hands and feet are tied with a rope. It was previously a private collection.

It is noteworthy that a year ago, Sotheby's sold the same Italian artist a painting "Young Man Holding A Roundabout" or "The Young Man With a Medal" for $92.2 million. No work of Botticelli's artwork has fetched such a price before that at auction.
According to the auction house, there are only about ten paintings known to be by the Italian artist worldwide, few of which are private collections.

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