Poland switches to distance education in light of the high incidence of Corona virus

Older children in Poland have turned to distance education, after the country recorded a record number of injuries for the second day in a row.
And the Ministry of Health announced the registration of 57,659 cases of coronavirus during the past 24 hours. During the same period, 262 people died of the virus in Poland, which has a population of 38 million.
After instructions from the Ministry of Health, school students from the fifth year of distance learning were transferred within arrangements that are scheduled to last for an initial month.
Poland is also running free coronavirus tests. Health Minister Adam Nidzelsky said that there are currently 64 pharmacies across the country where citizens can test for the Corona virus, adding that there are other pharmacies that have applied for permission to conduct tests.
The opposition has long accused the Law and Justice government of avoiding imposing strict restrictions to confront the Corona pandemic, so as not to anger the opponents of the vaccine in its ranks.
For example, the government in Warsaw has not yet taken any action to establish a legal basis for owners of restaurants, hotels and shops to request to know the status of visitors from receiving the vaccine.
A draft law that would allow employers to request to know the status of workers who received the vaccine or demand to be tested has been submitted to Parliament for months.
The Law and Justice party has a shaky majority in parliament, and believes in the support of MPs who oppose the vaccine.

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