Mexico seeks to prevent antiquities auction in France

The Mexican government is seeking to prevent an auction of about thirty pieces from the pre-Hispanic era scheduled to be held Friday in France, according to what the Minister of Culture announced.

The Minister of Culture, Alejandra Frausto, sent a letter to Mayon Auctions to demand a halt to the auction “taking into account the historical, symbolic and cultural values ​​of these pieces, which transcend any commercial interest.”

"The Mexican government regrets and strongly condemns this auction," the culture minister said in the letter, without giving details about the items for sale.

The ministry also indicated that a judicial process was launched before the French authorities and through diplomatic channels to prevent the auction.
Mexico has launched a campaign years ago to restore its historical heritage pieces from private collection owners all over the world, but it is facing difficulties in return operations, especially from France, due to legislative obstacles.
In November 2021, the house “Arcurial” auctioned pieces from the pre-Spanish era, despite the objection of Mexico, and in February of the same year, the house “Christie’s” in Paris organized an auction of 40 pieces from the same era, the proceeds of which were close to three million. dollar.
Frausto told AFP in November that the current Mexican government had returned 5,800 objects to the country since its formation in 2018.
She said antiquities from the pre-Spanish era were "not luxury items" or "house decorations" but rather part of the "cultural nation" components. in Mexico.

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