Washington and Brussels are working to secure "additional quantities" of gas to Europe amid the Ukraine crisis

The United States and the European Union announced in a joint statement Friday that they are working to secure "additional quantities of natural gas" for Europe to face any consequences if Russia attacks Ukraine.
US President Joe Biden and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said in the statement that "the United States and the European Union are working together to ensure continuous, adequate and localized supplies of natural gas to Europe from various sources around the world to avoid supply shocks, including those that may come from About a new Russian invasion of Ukraine.
The United States is currently the largest supplier of liquefied natural gas to the European Union. We will cooperate with governments and market customers in order to secure additional quantities of natural gas for Europe from several sources around the world.”
The West accuses Moscow of preparing an attack on neighboring Ukraine and threatens it with unprecedented sanctions if it invades the country. Washington vowed, in particular, that the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline between Russia and Germany, which was completed but not yet started, will not start work in the event of a Russian military attack.
However, Americans and Europeans fear that the Kremlin will respond by reducing the supply of hydrocarbons to Europe, a vital supply for many countries. Work has already been announced on measures to compensate for such a decline in supplies

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