Health: The epidemiological situation in Palestine is very serious

The spokesman for the Ministry of Health, Kamal Al-Shakhrah, confirmed today, Monday, that the epidemiological situation in Palestine is very serious, and that the announced injuries are much less than what is on the ground.

He added, in a statement to Voice of Palestine Radio, that the epidemiological committee will submit its recommendations during the next two weeks to the concerned authorities to take appropriate measures to confront the epidemiological situation, and that the percentage of positive tests reaches between 20%-35% of the total samples that are withdrawn.

Al-Shakhra pointed out that the cold wave that Palestine is going through during these days and until the coming period is considered “comfortable” for the spread of the Corona virus, and thus the registration of larger numbers.

He pointed out that 90% of those infected with the Corona virus who are admitted to hospitals are those who did not receive vaccinations, while the remaining percentage of those who received one or two doses.

Al-Shakhra said that there are infections recorded among children and school students, while communication is being conducted with the Ministry of Education to close classes or people in which HIV infections are detected.

He expressed his fears of the high rate of hospitalization, as during the past days 105 cases were admitted, some of whom were placed under artificial respirators, warning that this rise is a dangerous indicator that could lead to a high death rate.

Al-Shakhrah appealed to the citizens to go to the examination centers spread in all governorates of the country, especially for those who feel the symptoms of the announced virus, pointing out that the examination centers will work until six in the evening.

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