The smart watch adds two years to the wearer´s life!

A recent study said that smart watches can help add two years to your life.

Research on 420, 000 adults reveals that those who use a fitness tracker, coupled with the rewards system, perform approximately 5 days of extra activity each month, which researchers say translates into two more years of life.

The study showed that the greatest improvements were seen among those overweight and those who were less active.

About one in five participants received Apple's smart watches, and discounts were provided by the company  "Vitality" if the participants reached certain targets.

All participants remained active for about two weeks before the start of the study, and researchers found that those with smart hours had increased their exercise levels by one third over two years, according to the study, which is the largest in the field of smart technology and its relationship to health.

The researchers estimate that the additional activity has boosted the average life expectancy of users by two additional years.

British Health Secretary Matt Hancock welcomed the results, saying that smart technology can play a key role in preventing ill health.

Hancock said:  "We must remain at the forefront of emerging technology such as digital medicines because their potential is very immense," he added:  "We are better off and healthier due to technological progress."

Many praised the results of the study, which would enhance the use of technology in disease prevention rather than access to treatment.

The study contributed to a deeper understanding of how technology stimulates people to live a healthier and healthier life.


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