The digital revolution.. liberated man or enslaved him?

Humanity is living in the stage of the digital revolution, which has placed man at the center of major transformations that have affected his consciousness, behavior, worldview, and position in it. With it, the human became a "digital human". The products of this revolution still promise greater and faster developments, which raises the question of the form of human society in its shadow.

How did we get to the current digital revolution? How does contemporary man, and the Arab in particular, deal with this revolution and its products? Has the modern human become a “digital person”? And is digital technology reshaping contemporary societies?

These and other questions are discussed by Amal Al-Arissy, with her guest in this episode of "After Yesterday", Dr. Abdel Razzaq Belakrouz, Professor of Philosophy of Values ​​and Knowledge at the University of Algiers, and they simplify the problems and issues associated with them.

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