It may be sold in encrypted currency.. The world´s largest cut diamond was displayed for the first time in Dubai

The world's largest cut diamond was shown for the first time in Dubai on Monday before it was sold, with an expected price of five million dollars.

It is believed that the rare black diamond called "Enigma" (enigma) was formed when a meteorite or asteroid struck the Earth more than 2.6 billion years ago, explained Sophie Stevens, a jeweler at Sotheby's.

The 555.55-carat diamond has not been shown by its unnamed owner for the past 20 years, but experts have turned it into a 55-faceted gem.

This diamond weighs 555.55 carats

As for its design, it is inspired by the symbol of strength and protection in the Middle East, the “five”, or the palm.

"It's very different," Stevens said of the gem, listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the world's largest cut diamond.

After being offered in Dubai, Enigma will be moved to Los Angeles and London before the start of its online auction on February 3 for a period of seven days.

The price of the diamond is up to five million dollars


Stevens noted that what Sotheby's called a "cosmic wonder" might go to a bitcoin bidder, explaining, "We accept cryptocurrencies to buy diamonds, which we've done for other gems."

Last year, diamond K 10138 was sold in Hong Kong for $12.3 million paid in cryptocurrency.

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