The latest developments in the spread of Covid in the world

In the following are the latest developments related to the spread of the Corona virus in the world in light of the latest numbers, measures and new facts:

The United Nations confirmed Monday that the Covid-19 pandemic is still weighing on jobs and the labor market around the world, so that the market recovery and the return of its numbers to levels before the health crisis may take years.

The official unemployment rate is still higher than it was before the pandemic, as the International Labor Organization estimated that the number of the unemployed reached 207 million people, compared to 186 million unemployed people in 2019, to remain high until at least 2023.

The Organizing Committee for the 2022 Winter Olympics announced on Monday the cancellation of ticket sales to the public due to the “complex” epidemiological situation in China, in a sudden decision that comes three weeks before the start of the competitions.

The number of COVID-19 infections in China on Monday reached its highest level since March 2020, while Beijing is striving to eradicate the highly contagious mutant Omicron, three weeks before the start of the Winter Olympics on its soil.

All athletes who come to participate in competitions in France will have to be vaccinated against Covid-19 in order to be able to enter sports stadiums, government sources told AFP.

The day after world number one tennis player Novak Djokovic was deported from Australia, the French government made it clear that the vaccination certificate would also apply to foreign athletes who come to participate in competitions.

Government figures published on Monday showed that the number of Britons who drink alcohol at dangerous levels has risen sharply since the beginning of the pandemic, raising fears that these practices will take root in society.

Health Canada announced Monday that it has approved the use of Pfizer's anti-Covid-19 tablets, which are sold under the name Paxilvid.

A fourth dose of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines allows the antibodies to be doubled but has proven to be “less” effective against the Omicron mutant, said an Israeli hospital that has started a first clinical trial in this regard.

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador resumed his almost daily press conference on Monday, after a week during which he underwent treatment for minor symptoms after being infected again with Covid-19, which records record results in his country.

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called Monday at the virtual World Economic Forum in Davos (Switzerland) to vaccinate all the inhabitants of the planet, otherwise, according to him, we will not be able to eradicate this epidemic and its variants.

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced Monday that she will miss a session of the European Parliament in Strasbourg after coming into contact with a person infected with Covid-19.

The trial of the suspects in the November 13 attacks in Paris will not resume until at least January 25, after one of them tested positive for Covid-19 over the weekend, informed sources told AFP on Monday.

US drugmaker Moderna said Monday it is seeking a combined booster vaccine against COVID-19, the common cold, and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) in late 2023, in the hope that a combined dose will encourage people to get an annual dose.

The wealth of the world's 10 richest men has doubled since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, while the incomes of 99% of humanity have fallen, according to a report published Monday by Oxfam, which fights against inequality around the world.

The accumulated wealth of the total of billionaires since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic has witnessed an increase of $ 5 trillion, i.e. “the largest increase in the wealth of billionaires since the start of recording statistics”, reaching its highest levels, i.e. $13.800 billion.

The Corona virus has killed at least 5,537,051 people in the world since it appeared in China in December 2019, according to a census conducted by Agence France-Presse based on official sources on Monday.

The United States recorded the highest number of deaths from the virus, with 850,605 cases, followed by Brazil (621,045), India (486,451) and Russia (321,990).

The World Health Organization estimates that the total number of deaths may be two to three times higher, taking into account the excess number of epidemic-related deaths.

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