14 Palestinians arrested in the West Bank

Today, Wednesday, the occupation forces arrested 14 detainees in the West Bank.

The forces arrested Muhammad Jamal al-Shouli and Ammar Muhammad al-Shouli from Asira al-Shamaliah in Nablus, while they stormed the house of the prisoner, the Saadeh activist, in the city and searched him after bringing the captive with them.

The occupation arrested Muhammad Taher al-Shalabi, Amr Nour Tahaineh and Samer Adel Shawahna from Silat al-Harithiya, west of Jenin, and raided the house of the prisoner Yaqoub Gwadra in the village of Bir al-Basha, knowing that Yaqoub is one of the prisoners of the Freedom Tunnel operation.

The occupation soldiers arrested three citizens of Beitunia, West Allah, who are: Bassam Haddad, Samer Haddad and Saad Haddad.

They also arrested the injured Moamen Yousef al-Atrash from Hebron, along with Ali Muhammad Abu Zalta, Anwar Muhammad al-Bo and Malik Mustafa Jahshan from Halhul in the north.

From Jerusalem, Nasr Darwish and Majed Darwish were arrested.

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