Settlers storm Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood

Dozens of settlers, led by the extremist Israeli Knesset member Itamar Ben Gvir, and the Deputy Mayor of the occupation in Jerusalem, Arieh King, stormed this evening, Monday, the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, east of occupied Jerusalem.

And the “Wafa” correspondent in Jerusalem reported that dozens of settlers, led by the extremist Ben Gvir, a deputy and King, stormed the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, east of occupied Jerusalem, under the guard of the occupation police. .

Al-Maqdisi Ibrahim Salem, the owner of the land, told “Wafa”: “The settlers stormed the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood and tried to break into our land to provoke us, although they lost the case and the order to evacuate from our house was frozen and we did not allow them to enter.”

Settlement associations had notified Salem's family, who lives in the western neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah in Jerusalem, to vacate their house, knowing that the family lived in the house before the establishment of the Israeli occupation state.

The family says: “The story started many years ago, not today.. In 1988 there was an eviction decision, but we were able to freeze it.

The house is inhabited by 3 families of 10 people.

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