“Beitin” residents repel settlers’ attack on their homes

The residents of Beitin village, east of Ramallah, on Monday, repelled an attack carried out by settlers on their homes, in full view of the Israeli occupation forces.
Local sources told "Settlers attacked, today, Monday, the residents' houses, with stones, in full view of the occupation forces, but the residents gathered and confronted the settlers, and a clash occurred between the residents and the settlers, so the occupation army only entered to protect settlers and secure their withdrawal.
The sources indicated that the settlers' attack came after an Israeli court's decision to remove a settlement outpost of tents set up by settlers on the lands of the villages of Burqa and Beitin.
This morning, settlers attacked Palestinian vehicles near the “Beit El” settlement, which is built on the northern lands of Al-Bireh city, under the protection of the Israeli occupation forces. As a result, a number of vehicles were damaged and the windows of some of them were shattered.

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