Report: Israel arrested 390 Palestinians for incitement on social media

The Palestine Center for Prisoner Studies has monitored (390) cases of arrests of Palestinians accused of incitement due to their activities on social networks, especially Facebook, during the past 2021.

In a report, the Center said that the occupation authorities significantly escalated their pursuit of Palestinians over the past year because of their opinions and their activities on the pages of social media, noting that the arrests were made for expressing opinions on social media, which affected all segments of the Palestinian people, including women, children, journalists, activists and leaders. National Action and Representatives of the Legislative Council.

The Center indicated that the largest number of detainees, against the background of writing on social media, are residents of occupied Jerusalem and the Palestinian interior. Most of these arrests took place during the months of May and June to prevent the widespread popular uprising witnessed in the cities of the interior and Jerusalem in solidarity with the people of Sheikh Jarrah and their rejection of the barbaric aggression on the Gaza Strip.

The center said that the occupation courts charged all detainees with incitement against the background of expression on social media. Indictments were presented to some of them and various sentences were issued against them, ranging from one month to a year, while others were transferred to “administrative detention” without trials, and were renewed for other periods.

He added, “The occupation is not satisfied with issuing actual and administrative sentences against citizens who were arrested for incitement on social media, but it has further violated their rights by requiring them to stop using social media for periods of up to several months before their release, in addition to a financial fine and house arrest to prevent them from writing on these sites.” “.

He continued, "The occupation disregards all international conventions, agreements and treaties that allow a person to freely express his opinion and beliefs in any way it deems appropriate, by continuing to arrest Palestinians for expressing their opinion, charging them with incitement and issuing prison sentences against them."

He considered that the arrest of Palestinians against the background of their posts on the social network constitutes a punitive policy used by the occupation in order to achieve a policy of deterrence, and to put the largest possible number of children, women and young people in prisons, as it is not satisfied with prosecuting Palestinians in the field; And even chases them through virtual reality.

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