Peace activists demonstrate in the Sheikh Jarh neighborhood of Jerusalem

Dozens of Palestinian and Israeli peace activists organized a demonstration in front of the entrance to the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in Jerusalem, rejecting the Israeli authorities' decisions to deport 28 Palestinian families from their homes.

The demonstration began with a march towards one of the nurseries in the neighborhood, which is threatened with confiscation by the Jerusalem municipality, under the pretext of establishing a new project. The march then headed to the entrance to the neighborhood, where the Israeli police prevented their access to the homes of the Al-Kurd family. Then the march headed to the homes of Umm Haroun, and the participants raised the Palestinian flags and banners calling for justice to the people of the neighborhood and not to displace them from their homes.

The demonstration comes as a cry against the crimes of settlers seizing the homes of Jerusalemites in various ways, stressing that Sheikh Jarrah, like all other neighborhoods in the eastern part of Jerusalem, is occupied areas.

She pointed out that there is nothing new regarding the displacement of the families of Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, as they are still waiting for the decision of the "Israeli" Supreme Court.

During the demonstration, large numbers of members of the occupation forces were present, who closed the entrances to the neighborhoods to prevent the demonstrators from entering there.

It is worth noting that a few settlers tried to disrupt the demonstration by hurling insults and insults at the participants


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