“Palestinian Martyr’s Day”: 100,000 martyrs since the Nakba

Today, January 7, marks the anniversary of the "Palestinian Martyr's Day", which was approved to commemorate the souls of the martyrs who gave their lives for the sake of Palestine, its freedom and independence.


This day was announced in 1969, the day that coincides with the anniversary of the martyrdom of the first martyr in the armed Palestinian revolution, the martyr leader Ahmed Musa Salama, who was martyred in 1965, after he carried out his heroic operation “Eilaboun Tunnel”, to be a national day.


Since the Nakba and until today, our Palestinian people have offered more than 100,000 martyrs, in order to gain their freedom and stay on their land, in defense of their sanctities, homes and families, and in response to the attacks of their settlers.


Statistics indicate the death of 357 Palestinians in 2021, including 287 during the occupation army's aggression on the Gaza Strip in May 2021.


The number of martyrs whose bodies are being held by the occupation, in the cemeteries of numbers and refrigerators of the occupation, is approximately 335 martyrs.


On this anniversary, our people remember the martyrs who rose in all stages of the Palestinian revolution and the long national struggle of all factions and in all locations inside and outside the homeland, in prisons and on the borders, and the martyrs of numbers whose bodies the occupation is still holding.


Our people commemorate this day by visiting the tombs of the martyrs, laying wreaths at the memorials, and organizing festivals and mass rallies to commemorate those who sacrificed all their days in order to live our days with dignity and dignity.


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