The occupation launches raids on Gaza and the resistance launches counterfire

At midnight, Israeli planes launched raids on sites belonging to the Palestinian resistance in the north and south of the Gaza Strip.

Our correspondent in Gaza said that reconnaissance aircraft fired at least one missile at the Qadisiyah position, before F-16 warplanes fired more than four missiles at the same site.

He pointed out that large explosions were heard in Khan Yunis as a result of those raids.

He stated that the resistance fired from ground anti-aircraft guns at the occupation planes flying over the Gaza Strip.

In the aftermath of the shooting, the occupation forces used tanks to fire and artillery shells at a number of resistance-affiliated observatories in border areas in the town of Beit Lahia, north of the Gaza Strip.

In a statement, the occupation army claimed that warplanes and helicopters attacked several Hamas targets, including a missile manufacturing complex, in addition to tanks bombing Hamas military sites on the Gaza border, noting that this bombing came in response to the firing of missiles towards the coasts of “Gush Dan” or What is called "Greater Tel Aviv".

He held Hamas responsible for any events from Gaza, and it is responsible for the consequences of that.

This comes after the political level in Tel Aviv decided to support a recommendation from the Israeli army to bomb Gaza in response to the firing of two missiles towards the coast of Tel Aviv.

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