Committee to Support journalists: occupation commits 56 violations over the past month

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In November 2018, the Committee for the support of journalists recorded further Israeli aggressions and violations against journalists and media workers in the occupied Palestinian territories, indicating a significant and serious deterioration in the level of media freedoms, requiring All human rights and media organizations to move effectively and seriously to stop the policy of targeting and prosecuting.

The number of such violations amounted to 56 Israeli violations, between the targeting of journalists and their institutions, the arrest and extension of detention, and the denial of coverage and closure of websites and electronic pages, within the systematic policy of occupation, to curb their activity, offset by 5 of violations by Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza.

In its report of last month, the Committee stated that the number of arrests by the occupation of Palestinian journalists (2) was a case of arrests of journalists Ahmed al-Khatib from Ramallah, Mahmoud Kashmer from Qalqilya, and the detention of three others, Thaer Shariat, Nidal Abu Bakr, and writer Suzanne Abu-Hawa.

The monitoring unit recorded the case of (1) The extension of writer's arrest and the issuance of an administrative detention order (1) to journalist Ahmed al-Khatib.

The occupation escalated in targeting journalists by exposing them to direct injury and rubber, beating and kicking, and threatening to spray them with poisonous gas and other means of violence or humiliation and degrading treatment and humanity, which reached the previous November (18) Cases Assault, 12 journalists in the Gaza Strip and 6 others in the West Bank were killed, with the aim of preventing them from doing their jobs and limiting their media coverage of the crimes of the occupation.

In an additional violation of this month, the report recorded that the occupation continued to target the Al-Aqsa satellite building and completely destroyed several rockets, and that the Thuraya Media Foundation was partially damaged by a nearby bombardment to register 2 cases of destruction and demolition.

With regard to the prevention of coverage and the reduction of the practice and functioning of journalists, the committee has monitored the denial of coverage of (3) cases of events and protest marches by many journalists, and the denial of (3) cases of travel.

The report documented (4) a case of intrusion and raid, which was searched, smashed and tampered with the contents of journalists ' houses before being arrested.

On the side of the ongoing campaign against the Palestinian content on Facebook, Facebook administration, YouTube and conspiracy with the occupation Delete and close (19) Sites and Information page on Facebook and their supervisors.

In the context of Palestinian internal violations, the report of the Committee to Support Journalists (5) recorded violations by Palestinian actors in the Gaza Strip, 4 in the occupied West Bank and 1 from Gaza.

The violations were the registration (2) of a case of a ruling postponement by the Palestinian court of Ramallah against journalists Rami Samara and Naela Khalil, (1) a smashing case after unknown assailants threw a bomb and a firecracker on a house and a car correspondent radio  "Sun " journalist Adel Tarabay from the city of Sakhnin, causing the outbreak Fire in the place.

A denial of coverage (1) and the detention of 1 journalist from Gaza were also recorded.

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