Israeli police recommends indictment against Netanyahu in file 4000

TEL Aviv _ Agencies

Israeli police on Sunday recommended an indictment against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in file 4000 on the case of Bezek company, location and No.

According to the police, the recommendation includes accusing Netanyahu of receiving bribes, harnessing his political interests, and accusations of fraud and confidence-building violations under aggravating circumstances.

Hebrew media said earlier that the Commissioner-General of the Israeli police, Ronnie Sheikh, had decided to strike a blow against Netanyahu over the ongoing investigations against him in a number of files.

According to the second Hebrew channel, Ronnie Sheikh gave the green light to the police to present their recommendations against Netanyahu on the investigations in file 4000, on the day of his duties as Commissioner-General of police.

According to the channel, such a step is carried out in conformity with the Office of the Attorney General and the legal advisor to the government. He pointed out that Sheikh was trying to strike Netanyahu after their differences.

According to the channel, the indictment accused Netanyahu of receiving a rashy by the owner of the company Bezek Shaul Alovic.


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