Gaza health warns of entering a fourth, rapidly spreading wave of the Corona virus

The Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip warned, today, Sunday, against entering the Gaza Strip in a fourth, rapidly spreading wave of the Corona virus, in light of the spread of the Omicron mutant in many neighboring countries.

Magdi Duhair, Director of the Preventive Medicine Department at the Ministry of Health in Gaza, said during a press conference, that in recent days there has been a slight beginning of the curve rebounding with the number of injuries, noting that the Gaza Strip is still suffering from the Delta strain, and there is still a fear of the arrival of the mutated “Omicron” And its enormous ability to spread quickly in light of the continuous reluctance of citizens to vaccinate, which still does not exceed 27% of the total population, who received only the first dose, while the percentage of recipients of the second and third doses is much less.

Duhair warned against the continued negligence of citizens with safety and prevention measures as if Covid 19 no longer exists, stressing that “the state of complacency and not receiving vaccination puts us in front of a real danger and fear of a violent wave that the Gaza Strip may go through in the coming days.” like he said.

He stressed the need to adhere to safety and prevention measures, by wearing a mask, social and physical distancing, ventilating places, not going to crowded places and following things that would reduce the risk of infection, calling for the need to speed up receiving vaccinations, and raising the rate of community immunity against the virus, especially receiving the dose. The second and third even reduce the severity of the wave.

Dhuhair indicated that the information currently available about the Omicron virus is that the completed vaccination has a great benefit in limiting the spread of this mutant, and at least prevents severe symptoms, hospitalization and endangering the life of the patient, as it was found during previous waves that fully vaccinated cases rarely experience serious complications, Also, the opportunity for the fully vaccinated groups to enter the hospital is almost non-existent, which confirms the need to receive vaccinations, to confront the Omicron and Delta strains, which are currently prevalent. like he said.

He added, “The available information from the third waves indicated that 92% of the infected cases were unvaccinated, and 95% of the deaths were also unvaccinated, which confirms that the vaccine is very effective in preventing and reducing the severity of the Covid 19 virus and the new mutant Omicron.”

He continued, "We emphasize the danger of the Corona virus to pregnant women, as pregnancy causes a decrease in women's immunity and makes them prey to this epidemic."

The Director of the Preventive Medicine Department at the Ministry of Health in Gaza pointed out that the current statistics show that all pregnant women, with a percentage of 100%, who lost their lives as a result of infection with Covid 19, are all unvaccinated, and they number 22 deaths.

Duhair said that the crisis cell for the Covid-19 pandemic and all its advisory and technical committees continue to hold their continuous meetings to follow up on developments in the epidemiological situation that have occurred around the world, noting that the ministry has started various community campaigns to immunize society through vaccination, at the university level, and the Ministry of Health has reduced the authorized age. The vaccination campaign for students in the seventh, eighth and ninth grades will begin immediately with the start of the second semester of the school year, calling on parents to urge their children to receive the vaccination in order to prevent them from entering into a violent wave of the pandemic.

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