Settlers attack Sebastia under the protection of the occupation army, and the people confront them

The residents of Sebastia town confronted the settlers who attacked their homes and vehicles with stones, guarded by the occupation soldiers.
Sheikh Mahmoud al-Sarisi, a resident of Jenin, who was trapped in his brother-in-law’s house during his visit yesterday evening in Sebastia, where he was unable to leave and return due to the closure of the Jenin Street in Nablus, stated to “Al-Quds” that the settlers attacked the garage of
Uday Younis Muhammad, which is located on the main street in Sebastia. And they smashed the windows of his car and that of his brother-in-law, Bilal Muhammad Ali Omar.
Al-Sirisi stated, that the settlers spread on the main street and threatened the residents and threw stones, but the citizens confronted them and expelled them, explaining that later, other groups came and carried out an orgy in the area, which led to a clash with the residents, and they smashed the windows of several vehicles.
The occupation forces continue to close Jenin Street, Nablus, paralyzing the movement and allowing settlers to attack Palestinian gatherings. The residents stated that settlers attacked vehicles near Shafi Shimron checkpoint with stones and smashed their car windows, while the public alarm was announced in Palestinian villages and calls were made to confront the settlers and to stand firm in their confrontation.

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