Livni and Gabay: working to revolutionize Netanyahu´s rule

TEL Aviv _ Agencies

Israel's opposition leader, Tzipi Livni, said on Saturday that they were working to overthrow Benjamin Netanyahu and bring about a revolution that would topple him without being allowed to assume the premiership in the future.

"I work with my friends to revolutionize Netanyahu's rule forever," Livni said in a statement quoted by the website.

"Netanyahu is using security needs in order not to go to elections," she added. Stressing that she was unwilling to be with him in one government under the corruption that marred him.

Gabay said he would not sit in a government headed by Netanyahu. "We must lead the country and make fundamental decisions for the supreme interest of Israel rather than partisan political interests," he added.

There are many Israeli politicians who believe that the regime can be changed and managed in a different way, he said.


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