Sarhan: The recent aggression on Gaza caused direct losses of 420 million dollars

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Public Works and Housing in the Gaza Strip, Naji Sarhan, said today, Sunday, that the recent Israeli aggression against the Strip last May caused direct material losses of 420 million dollars.

During a meeting with an official organized by the Ministry of Information in Gaza, Sarhan reviewed the latest developments in the file of reconstruction of the Gaza Strip and the obstacles and obstacles it faces, noting that the wars and repeated Israeli attacks that have exacerbated the humanitarian, economic, and social crises have destroyed the rest of the infrastructure and institutions of the Gaza Strip and its institutions. The occupation deliberately used excessive force and targeted civilian homes and residential towers, which led to the demolition of dozens of houses on the heads of their residents, women and children, in addition to the destruction of many industrial and agricultural facilities and the sabotage of infrastructure networks in all governorates of the Strip.

Sarhan pointed out that the damages to the housing sector amounted to $145 million, after the occupation demolished nearly 1,650 housing units in total, and more than 60,000 units partially, ranging from adult, medium, and slight.

He pointed out that the direct damage to other sectors of infrastructure, economic, agricultural, educational and health facilities was estimated at a total value of approximately $150 million in the infrastructure sector, nearly 95 million in the economic development sector, and nearly 30 million in the social development sector.

And he indicated that his ministry is still completing efforts to rebuild the destroyed housing units during the 2014 aggression, and the attacks that preceded it, which have not yet been completed, noting that there are approximately 1,300 housing units remaining and no funding has been provided for their reconstruction so far, in addition to partial damages compensation. Housing, and compensation for damages to the economic sector (industrial, commercial and agricultural), and the rest of the sectors that have not been reconstructed so far, estimated at about $600 million.

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Public Works and Housing in Gaza refuted, with figures, the financial commitments that were counted before the last aggression, as the total amount required for reconstruction, according to the national plan approved at the 2014 Cairo Conference, amounted to about $3.9 billion.

Sarhan indicated that the donors' pledges at the Cairo conference amounted to approximately $5.0 billion, including $3.5 billion for the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip. pledges.

Sarhan explained that the Higher Governmental Committee for the Reconstruction of Gaza has prepared a reconstruction and development plan that includes interventions worth $3.9 billion, and includes the four sectors (housing and infrastructure, the economic sector, the social sector, governance and institutional building), noting that the required interventions were divided into two phases: The first is early recovery, with a value of $310 million, while the value of the second phase, the reconstruction and development phase, is approximately $3.6 billion.

He said, "During the early recovery phase, relief efforts that began during the aggression will be completed to mitigate its effects and enhance the ability of those affected to withstand and return to normal life, during which preparations will be made for the reconstruction and development phase, in which work will be done on the reconstruction of damaged and destroyed facilities and facilities in all sectors, In addition to implementing a package of development projects in various sectors, which contributes to raising the level of services and facilities, in addition to achieving economic recovery in the Gaza Strip.

And he indicated that many countries pledged to reconstruct Gaza, led by Egypt with a grant of 500 million dollars, and Qatar with a grant of 500 million dollars, in addition to a grant from Germany worth 9 million dollars, in addition to some different grants provided by international and local countries and institutions, estimated at nearly 20 million dollars.

He pointed out that Egypt began constructing the Corniche Street, 1.8 km long, north of Gaza City, in addition to preparing plans for three residential communities with a total of more than 3,000 housing units, in addition to preparing plans for 2 bridges in the Shejaiya and Saraya areas.

He stated that Qatar has started the construction of separate housing units worth 50 million dollars, but the reconstruction of these units is proceeding very slowly due to the obstruction of the occupation and the Palestinian Authority in transferring Qatari funds to the beneficiaries of the citizens whose homes were demolished. like he said.

He pointed out that UNRWA, UNDP, and many civil and international organizations have disbursed sums of money to the partially affected citizens to rehabilitate their partially damaged housing units, pointing out that there are no pledges to rebuild the completely demolished residential towers so far.

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Works in Gaza appealed to the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council, especially Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, who had significant and essential contributions to the reconstruction of what was destroyed by the occupation after the 2014 war, and the European Union and friendly countries to provide urgent and necessary support to complete the reconstruction programs, and to remove the effects of these attacks, calling on the Palestinian Authority. To facilitate the transfer of reconstruction funds to the affected citizens in the Gaza Strip and to remove obstacles for donors.

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