The memory of the “Intifada of Stones” .. a witness to the bloody occupation

The first intifada, “the Stone Intifada”, which erupted on December 8, 1987, constituted a historical event and a leap in the history of the conflict with the Israeli occupation, with all its heroic scenes and painful details. The Palestinians are still They mention it and brag about it because it formed a state of popular steadfastness and national unity to establish the rights of our people, and to reject attempts to obliterate the Palestinian cause.

This intifada was characterized by harshness and a policy of breaking bones, to abort it. A unit of the Israeli army known as “Givati” and distinguished by its red berets, whose duty was to abuse the Palestinians, was ordered by the then Minister of Defense Yitzhak Rabin, and despite all attempts, the occupation failed to stop it, until entry Through political negotiations with the Palestinian leadership, which resulted in the “Oslo Accords.”

From the living memory, Haj Abdel Rahim Soi, “Abu Saleh 78 years old,” from the city of Qalqilya, who is described as the father of martyrs and prisoners, says: “The son of the martyr child Hussein Soi was the first martyr in the first uprising in the Al-Naqar neighborhood. Exploded in the upper part of the body during confrontations that erupted in the neighborhood, and his blood was the blood of the first martyr, and his funeral procession was huge, and it turned into waves that prompted the occupation soldiers at that time to flee from the place, and a comprehensive strike and mourning took place, and with this the occupation demolished my house after implementing My son, the martyr Saleh Soi, a commando operation on Dizengoff Street in Tel Aviv, and dozens were killed after the Ibrahimi Mosque massacre in Hebron, and all my sons were arrested in the prisons of the occupation.”

As the engineer, Yasser Jaidi, 45, recounts how he was targeted with a dumdum-type explosive bullet and the traces of the crime are still in his foot, saying: “We were children at the time and there were confrontations with the occupation soldiers, and internationally prohibited bullets were used. That I be arrested, and I underwent several operations to save my foot from amputation, and I went to America to continue treatment, for the occupation used methods of execution against childhood in Palestine during the first intifada, and the most important of these methods was the explosive dumdum bullets.”

hooked screws

Concerning the means of resistance, Muhammad Adwan, 55, said: “The hooked nails were used, as when they were thrown on the ground, they were in a position to disrupt the wheels of the occupation patrols and the settlers’ cars that were passing through the city streets before the construction of the bypass roads. These nails damaged the tires and the officers were The occupation drives them crazy and storms homes in search of sources of nails manufacturing, and they ask citizens to collect nails from the main streets in retaliation.”


The first intifada was characterized by national unity and teamwork, where there is a national decision by the forces, patriotism and Islamism on the days of escalation with the occupation in which all cadres and elements are committed within the framework of the resistance action. Limit burning of their military vehicles with Molotov cocktails and burning tires.

In addition, citizen Azzam Daoud says: “The scenes of escalation and confrontation cannot be forgotten. They are epics and fierce battles. The youth teams were distributed on alleys and streets, and they monitored the pedestrian movements of the occupation soldiers, patrols, and civilian cars that are used by the Special Forces. Everything was organized, and it was The occupation imposes a curfew so that it can control the field situation.”

Unified driving data

He added: “The occupation intelligence was waiting for the statement of the unified leadership of the intifada to know the events and the days of confrontations to mobilize the military forces, and the events were adhered to by everyone, as they serve as a reference for collective action, and these statements constituted a state of tension and anxiety for the occupation security services to the extent that they tried to issue false statements In the name of the “unified leadership”, with the aim of disrupting the national action programme, but each time they failed due to the state of unity that prevailed among the Palestinian organizations at the time, and the occupation plan was thwarted.

The date of 8/12 has become a day of anger in the face of the occupation, during which movement is paralyzed in all sectors, a general strike is declared, and the masses gather in all the governorates of the country, in demonstrations and confrontations with the soldiers who were unable to face the patience and challenge of our people despite the broken bones and disabilities they suffered as a result of using “Dumdum” bullets beside the martyrs who rose to defend the rights of our people, during which more than 1,500 citizens were martyred and 100,000 others were arrested, while the number of wounded people from the Intifada exceeded 70,000, about 40% of them suffer from permanent disabilities, 65% suffer from paralysis Cerebral, hemispheric, upper or paralysis of one limb, including amputation or cutting of important limbs.

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