The United Nations is investigating a complaint against Israel for approving the law of nationalism.

JERUSALEM _ Palestine News Network

The United Nations Special Rapporteur, Fernande de Varinius, announced the initiation of formal procedures for the investigation of the complaint lodged by the supreme Follow-up Committee against the State of Israel, following the legislation of the Jewish Nationality Act.

Last May, the Special Rapporteur participated in the Conference on human capacity, organized by the follow-up committee at Al-Taiiya, at which time the risks of the proposed national law on the Rights and status of Palestinian domestic as a national group were presented at the May.

Following the legislation of the law, the follow-up initiated a formal complaint in accordance with the procedures established against the State of Israel, which revolved around the law of nationalism and its discriminatory and exclusionary clauses against Arab citizens.

The follow-up directed by the Chairman of the International Relations Committee on the Joint List, deputy Dr. Yousef Jabareen, stated that the law of nationalism carries serious dimensions to the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination in their homeland and to the status and Rights of the Palestinian minority in Israel, in a manner contrary to the charters and international law, while also stating that the Arab minority is a national and ethnic minority, international treaties guarantee their collective rights, national, cultural, linguistic and religious, which have been blatantly affected by the law of nationalism.

The thrust of the discriminatory and racist clauses in the law of nationality was to explain the status of the Arabic language and its official abolition, as well as the legislation on housing, through the provision encouraging Jewish settlement in the country, and considering it as an Israeli national value, which would touch The principle of equality, the granting of the superstructure to the Jews at the expense of the natives, creating a state of hierarchy and ranking in citizenship.

In a statement, the Chairman of the follow-up committee, Mohamed Baraka, said that the decision of the Special Rapporteur was a positive indication of the initiation of follow-up action at the international level against the law of nationalism and against the Israeli Government, and in the coming weeks, after making the necessary arrangements, direct contacts would be made with the United Nations, the subsidiary bodies , and with the European Union, to exert pressure on Israel and its government to repeal the law.



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