91 violations of Palestinian digital content in November

 “Sada Social” Center documented 91 violations of Palestinian content on social media platforms, during the month of November.

The center said that the Meta company deals with Palestinian content with Israeli dictates, besieges Palestinian terminology and narrative, and restricts media platforms to convey the course of events, as Facebook targeted more than 65 accounts between complete bans and restrictions, in addition to 17 violations on the Instagram application. .

He pointed out that most of the accounts and pages targeted during the month of November were media and belonged to journalists and activists who covered the latest developments in occupied Jerusalem, most notably the “Quds Square” website and the “Al-Qastal News” page.

The center also documented five violations on Twitter, three on Tik Tok, and one on YouTube. He said that more than 600 violations have been monitored on Facebook and Instagram since the beginning of this year.

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