The oldest of them has a racket for 103 days: Three prisoners continue their hunger strike

Three prisoners continue their open hunger strike in the Israeli occupation prisons, in refusal to be administratively detained, the oldest of whom is Hisham Abu Hawash, who has been on strike for 103 days.

The Prisoners Club stated, in a statement, today, Saturday, that the prisoner Abu Hawash, 39, from Hebron, is facing serious health conditions in the Ramle Clinic prison, and despite his serious health condition, the occupation prisons administration continues to detain him in Ramle.

He pointed out that the military court of appeals of the occupation in “Ofer” recently postponed the court session that was scheduled to consider the appeal against the decision to confirm his administrative detention order, for a period of four months, as it was not possible to bring him to court due to his dangerous health condition, and a date for the next session has not yet been set.

And the prisoner Abu Hawash has been detained since October 2020, and three administrative detention orders have been issued against him since his arrest, one of them was issued during the strike and its duration is (6) months, where the period was reduced from 6 months to 4 months (not essential), i.e. subject to extension. It is mentioned that A former prisoner who spent a total of (8) years, married and father of five children.

The prisoner Luay al-Ashqar (45 years), from Sidon, north of Tulkarm, has continued his hunger strike for 48 days, as he was recently transferred from the cells of the “Jalma” detention center to the “Ramleh Clinic” prison, after his health deteriorated.

The Prisoner Club clarified that during the strike, Al-Ashqar faced systematic abuse, especially with regard to his transfer to the prison cells of the “Sentence” prison to put pressure on him, and he is considered one of the worst detainees. He was charged with a six-month period, which was later confirmed, and he had spent about eight years between administrative detentions and sentences.

He was also subjected to a harsh military investigation during one of his arrests in 2005, which led to his paralysis in his left leg. He is married and father of eight children. He is the brother of the captive martyr Muhammad al-Ashqar, who was martyred in the Negev prison in 2007.

Meanwhile, the prisoner, Nidal Ballout, 27, from Bani Naim in Hebron, continues his hunger strike for 30 days in the cells of “Ofer” prison. , where he was forbidden to meet him until a meeting was held for him recently.

Prisoner Ballout informed his lawyer that he has been on strike since his arrest, and was transferred to administrative detention. He is married and the father of two children. He was previously arrested twice, and these were sentences.

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