Governor Ghaith .. When the tax of the homeland is depriving him of his participation in his daughter´s wedding

Yesterday, the Governor of Jerusalem, Adnan Ghaith, bid farewell to his daughter, Mona, on her wedding day, without allowing him to accompany her to the city of Ramallah, and to attend her wedding to her groom in one of the wedding halls, due to his being under house arrest imposed by the occupation. He has been in custody for a long time, which was renewed yesterday for four months, after he was summoned to the headquarters of the Israeli intelligence in Jerusalem.

Ghaith was prevented from exercising his natural right as a father for nothing but that of him, the governor of Jerusalem, who knew that he was a fighter in the first row against all the plans that the occupation was trying to implement, secretly and publicly, and resisted them with all available methods, to preserve the identity of the Arab Islamic-Christian city.

It was a touching scene when the governor, Adnan Ghaith, who was given the nickname "Fedayer", stood on the balcony of his house as he imprinted a kiss on the forehead of his only daughter, accompanied by a wide smile, behind which a big lump was hiding. .

After the vehicle was set off to Ramallah, he said, in front of the crowd of Jerusalemites who attended to bless and participate in the wedding, “First, I congratulate her and her groom on this wedding, and we say to the occupation that we cannot surrender in front of our beliefs and principles. Sharif, and we will not waste a single grain of dust, for my love for my daughter means my love for my people and their just cause, and all of this is linked to each other.”

The crowd had gathered around Ghaith, where they shook hands with him warmly and congratulated him on this occasion, declaring their solidarity with him, and raised him on the shoulders, chanting patriotic chants. He is considered one of the Jerusalemites who are pursued by the occupation, and many accusations are fabricated against him in order to continue to stress him and limit his movement. He was previously arrested for several years and stormed his house repeatedly, the last of which was several days ago, following an operation in Old Jerusalem during which one of the occupation soldiers was killed.

Governor Ghaith is nicknamed “the guerrilla,” after he was subjected to repeated arrests upon taking office, and was constantly targeted to prevent any move by him, in ways to confront the occupation’s plans aimed at Judaizing Jerusalem, strengthening settlement there, and obliterating its identity.

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