The Palestinian Media Forum condemns the continued Israeli targeting of journalists

The Palestinian Media Forum condemned today, Saturday, the continued targeting of journalists by the Israeli occupation while covering field events in the occupied territories.

In a statement, the Forum pointed out that the occupation forces continued to deliberately target Palestinian journalists without any regard for the protection guaranteed to them under international laws, charters and humanitarian norms, recording the highest indicators in combating media freedom in the occupied territories, in light of the unacceptable and reprehensible silence by international organizations concerned with the protection of journalists. And defending them, led by the International Federation of Journalists and the General Union of Arab Journalists, which raises questions about the feasibility of the existence of these organizations, as stated in the statement.

And the occupation forces wounded journalists while they were covering a march in Beita, south of Nablus in the West Bank, on Friday.

The forum stressed the need for human rights organizations concerned with protecting journalists to curb the Israeli occupation forces and protect Palestinian journalists, as well as the need to hold the occupation leaders accountable for their previous crimes by targeting and killing journalists in cold blood and destroying the headquarters of media institutions in the Gaza Strip.

The forum said that “the deliberate and continuous Israeli targeting of Palestinian journalists is less than undermining their resolve and determination to continue exposing its crimes, and will not in any way prevent the Palestinian narrative from being communicated to various local and international forums, and that the Palestinian media knights who carry their lives on their hands alongside their cameras and pens will not They fail for a moment in performing their professional duty and their national role in serving the national cause, regardless of the sacrifices and the extent of the Israeli targeting.”

The Palestinian Media Forum called on the local and international media to shed light on the crimes of the Israeli occupation against the Palestinian media with all its components, and to convey the suffering and voice of the Palestinian journalist to the various forums concerned with protecting and defending journalists.

He stressed the need to support the Palestinian media and Palestinian journalists so that they can continue their desired role in light of the Israeli targeting.

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