19 detainees in the West Bank and the interior

The occupation forces arrested today, Monday, 19 citizens from separate areas in the West Bank and the interior.

The forces arrested 6 citizens from Tulkarm: Yazan Jaar, Baha Abu Sitta, Tayseer Jaber from Nour Shams camp, Baha Shahrour from Balaa to the east, Imad Odeh from Sidon and Moaz Fathi Khasib from Qafin.
She also arrested Murad Sobh, from Wadi al-Fara', south of Tubas, and Abdullah Islam al-Bitawi, from Nablus.

The occupation arrested 10 citizens of Jerusalem, including 5 from Qalandia camp in the north. They are: Muhammad al-Khatib, Ibrahim Afana, Youssef Kasbah, Kamal Abu Asbaa and Ashraf al-Zitawi from the camp, along with Walid Adel Ghaith, Rabie Nidal Ghaith, Hamza Nidal Ghaith, Obada Dendis and Mahmoud Dendis.

And the occupation army arrested the liberated captive Eid Hassouna from Lydda.

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