In order to protect Earth, NASA sends a spacecraft to collide with an asteroid

NASA plans to collide with it known as "Dimorphos"

 Quest to see if they can change the course of the asteroid

Changing the course of any dangerous asteroid that may collide with Earth

The test vehicle will be launched into space on November 23

The US space agency is planning NASA, to launch Space ship And he made it collide with an asteroid, with the aim of a strategic experiment to protect the Earth, according to a report published by the scientific journal Nature.


The asteroid that NASA plans to collide with is known as "Demorphos" and it does not pose a threat to the planet, but researchers want to know if they can change its course, in a move to study ways to distract and change the course of any dangerous asteroid.


It may hit the ground.


"The odds of an object large enough to be a problem we have to neutralize, even if they are small," said a planetary scientist at Johns Hopkins University.

For her part, Nancy Chabot, a planetary scientist, confirmed that this experiment will test the hypothesis that "colliding with an asteroid may give it enough thrust to prevent it from hitting the Earth."

She confirmed that this experiment is completely safe on the planet and that it will take place 11 million km from the planet.


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