A new feature in Twitter.. Get to know it

What is the new Twitter feature?

Twitter Blue, the company's subscription service, is adding new features as it expands to new countries and platforms

Twitter Blue's most useful feature is the undo button, which allows you to remember tweets before they are sent

Ad-free articles aren't the only scrolling feature, Twitter Blue will now offer a Nuzzel-like news report for the most shared articles



Twitter Blue adds a new feature to Twitter, a private subscription service in the company The service first launched in June in Canada and Australia on iOS, but as of Tuesday, Twitter Blue will be available in the US, New Zealand, Android and the internet.


Perhaps the most useful feature of Twitter Blue is the undo button, which allows you to remember tweets before they are sent. (I can think of a few times it could have saved me from an embarrassing typo) Other features in the initial launch included reader mode for threads and bookmark folders, the ability to a Twitter app theme and app icon, and last month, Labs that lets subscribers try out some Twitter features new early.

But as part of Tuesday's expansion, Twitter Blue is about to become even more useful for people who love to read and find news on TwitterWhich allows the feature of displaying ad-free materials on participating sites and gives a portion of the revenue from subscriptions to those sites. If you're subscribed to Twitter Blue, when you come across a link from a publisher that offers ad-free articles, you'll see an "Ad-Free with Twitter Blue" tag under the title.


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