Ministry of Health: Medications for cancer patients for 3 months sent today to Gaza

Gaza _ Palestine News Network

The Ministry of Health confirmed Monday that it had sent cancer drugs to its warehouses in the Gaza Strip for three months, adding that only yesterday it received a correspondence from Gaza's warehouses that there was a shortage of such medication.

The Ministry of Health said that it was sending shipments of various medicines to its warehouses in the sector on a regular basis, sending a shipment of medicines to cancer patients last month, which in addition to today's shipment is worth about 6 million shekels.

The Ministry indicated that it was unaware of the shortage of these medicines because it did not fully control the ministry in the sector, adding that, as soon as she received a correspondence stating that there was a shortage, she had provided medication directly, on the instructions of President Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Dr. Rami Hamdallah.

The ministry explained that it was "not late to send the treatment of cancer patients to patients in the Gaza Strip, and that officials there had to inform the Ministry of official correspondence about the depletion or imminent depletion of this sensitive item of medicine, so that the life of cancer patients would not be endangered", asserting that if any type of medication is running out In order to ensure the safety of the patients, the ministry transfers them at their own expense to any centre where the medication is available.

"The life of a Palestinian citizen is a red line that no one can tamper with or exploit for any reason whatsoever," the ministry stressed.

The ministry said it was doing its utmost to provide all health services to our people in the Gaza Strip, noting that it had provided all the hospital needs for medicines and medical supplies since the division to keep the health system from collapsing.


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